S & TC – doors – final?

Hello, I have updated all spreads with blocks of small text at 9pt. A couple of image amendments. Kerning checked & amended. Hoping to get this sent to print tomorrow (Monday) if all looking OK.  Here are all the spreads:

Flyer – front, hopefully final version

Hello, Made a few tweaks to front of flyer following tutorial yesterday. Mainly slightly darker grey strip and checking all kerning, leading and alignments.  Tony,I tried bold text for the ‘Body Postivity Festival’ but it looked a bit too much, also, am using regular text on the posters, so that keeps it in line with… Continue reading Flyer – front, hopefully final version

Revised posters

Hello, I’ve just quickly made a few amendments to my posters following feedback this afternoon, with the aim of making the large text more legible. Tried a shadow, which I wouldn’t normally do but to try and separate the text away from the background. Then tried just normal bold text on both black and yellow:… Continue reading Revised posters