Key commands for Apple Mac keyboard. Alt dash for an en rule used to separate out phrases in a sentence – like this – use a space either side of the en rule. Alt semi-colon to create marks of omission (also called ellipses) like this…no space needed either side of the

    Try to avoid hyphenation. Don’t let the computer do this. Turn it off within the options (to the right) on the Paragraph panel. This is the same within Illustrator and InDesign. If you have to hyphenate then do it selectively on a syllable. Don’t create vertical rows of hyphens on the right edge.

    To alter the word space within both Illustrator and InDesign go to Paragraph, then the options (on the right of the panel), go to Justification and add in an amount under all three boxes (minimum, desired and maximum) eg 75%. Altering word space is usually done on display setting such as headings and large quotes. I would advise never justifying type as it often creates unsightly gaps between words. The text also looks very blocky. I would range left, ragged right. The ragged endings help the eye keep it’s place.The ragged right endings should be looked at and amended where necessary.

    I normally switch on optical kerning within the Character panel. Kerning is generally only really needed on display setting. The idea is to create a visually even setting. Don’t over do it.

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