Visual Language and Grammar assignment

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I’m really struggling to come up with ideas for my visual language assignment.  At the moment, I’m looking at abstract patterns in my running shoes.  I’ve played around with a few images that I took and they are below.  No idea where I could go with this (if anywhere!) Not really sure what we need to convey in the assignment. Any advice or help much appreciated. Thank you!

shoe-6 shoe-5 shoe-4 shoe-3 shoes-2 shoe-1

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  1. Picking up on the running shoes – the narrative could be a semi-abstract race. You have a starting line and a finishing line. You have lanes. You have the podium. You have the medals. You have the flags of the competing nations. The clothing will have stripes on. The number tags are rectangles. You can find lines, circles and squares within that story line. A race would give it a structure and time frame.

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