Aphorisms – revised

After printing out I could see that the red text on black wasn’t working, so at the moment, I have changed to a white background (I need to think about paper choice). I have reduced text size for the Word ‘egoist’ on the egoist card and removed the text shadow on ‘me’.¬† On Old Age, I’m guessing that there is too much going on as I have emphasis on two areas ‘old age’ and ‘alternatives’ and I think we are only supposed to change text to express one word on the card, is that right?

anger-5-white-bg crisis-2 egoist-2 old age-2


  1. I like your words in the throes of anger! And your words being worn out by the day to day living!

  2. Can’t remember the red on black but these look fresher for the cleaner background. I might keep the small type on Anger the same size eg take down ‘the best vaccine against’. I think alternating the colour of alternatives is a bit too obvious an idea. Playing with say italics or caps/small caps, etc might convey the idea as well

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