Question about visual grammar assignment

If we are creating a book, do we have to have page numbers? I’m struggling to get them in a consistent position where they do not interfere with any of the content, so I’m thinking of doing away with them all together. Thoughts?


  1. There are a number of approaches to this. If you have a contents page with numbers then you have set up a reference / navigation system that would make sense to stick to. In some publications where there is a clash between the image and the page number, the page number is left off that page. So you have page numbers eg 4&5, then maybe 6 & blank if there is a clash, then 8&9, etc. Some publications have both page numbers on the left page. Some publications such as specialist publications eg catalogues might not have numbers. In these situations I normally go to the book case and have a look for some examples of how page numbers are dealt with. I wouldn’t leave page numbers off because they are inconvenient there would have to be a good rationale.

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