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  1. Hi Laura

    I think there’s an issue of scale here. In the key at the bottom is says 1 Mt = 1000kg, when actually it’s a tonne that equals 1000 kg and I’m assuming a Mt is significantly more than that. As your graphic is trying to highlight the large amount of waste, and currently all numbers are less than 1Mt, it might be better to show the numbers as tonnes or even kg so that they seem more vast and are values people can relate to (e.g. a kg is a bag of sugar, a tonne is a car, kind of thing) so that these big numbers have some meaning.

    You currently have two keys, so I think you could just keep the labels on the chart and remove the coloured key for food types at the bottom. Perhaps think of another way to lay out the blue key.

    The blue ‘fruit’ I think should be drinks? And the smaller blue bars on this one are in a different order to the others, I’d keep them the same.

    The text has quite a bit of repetition in it, is there a way to slim it down a bit?

    🙂 Emily

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