posters / invitations for body positivity conference

Hi all,

My body image project has changed slightly and I’m now planning to do posters, invites, maybe video to promote a conference on body positivity.

I’ve been doing some collages and after feedback in the group session last week, I’m aiming to incorporate my collages into the materials.

I have attached some initial designs. Quality of the photos of the collages is not great and I know this needs to be improved but any feedback on the general idea/format much appreciated.  thank you.



  1. Wow!

    This has come along so much!

    I actually love the brutality of the yellow – not a colour I would usually associate with the topic – how refreshing!

    The collages quality actually seems to work really well as it is a statement about reworking and altering something so I like the raw quality.

    The text on the first poster slanting diagonally down and right seems to be easier to work (perhaps much in the same way that going downhill is less of a battle?) Possibly, could do with being larger / bolder? to set it apart from the background more for legibility?

    But yes! excited about these! 🙂

  2. All going in a good direction. With ‘your body, your rules’ you could play with the way it reads through changing emphasis e.g. it also reads ‘body rules’. could be changes of weight so you have it reading in different ways. Posters look good. The invite could do with a bit more development. A flashing gif of the festival phrase your body your rules for use on Twitter would be a nice way to extend the promotion.

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