Additional poster & revised invitation


I have attached another poster for the series – planning to do 4 in total, along with 4 different styles of invites/flyer. Each flyer will have a different image and different quotation on reverse, front (with main information) to stay the same.

With the invitation/flyer I have moved all text onto diagonal. I feel the front is working better. Still not happy with reverse side with quote & image. Any ideas for improving this please?

Also, with the posters, is A3 big enough or should I increase them to A2?¬† I plan to create some mock-ups of them ‘in-situ’ to submit with actual posters.


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  1. Make the posters big or at least seem big. Was wondering on reverse side of leaflet if the text was split into two narrow columns and align through with ‘your body’ first column ‘your rules’ second column. Working in same direction

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