Revised posters


I’ve just quickly made a few amendments to my posters following feedback this afternoon, with the aim of making the large text more legible. Tried a shadow, which I wouldn’t normally do but to try and separate the text away from the background.


Then tried just normal bold text on both black and yellow:



Then tried the same text but with a half-tone image. This I think is the one I prefer so far:

poster-a2-fitness-boldtext-half-toneAny feedback much appreciated. thank you.

And for some reason when I click on the images I just posted, it stretches the image…no idea what’s going on there, but obvs they aren’t like that in ‘real life’!


  1. I like the Third version best as it is more legible. Overall, I think the problem is the actual image with this text as they seem to fight more – I think the top image here works much better and the cut up face – basically less elements.

    Loving this overall though 🙂

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