Invites – revised


I have been working on the reverse side of the invites.  I think I definitely prefer splitting the quote across #yourbodyyourrules as it is more in keeping with the style of the front of the card, which is this:


So, I’ve done a few variations of the back of the card, adding the shaded strip behind the text and trying different colours for #yourbodyyourrules. The yellow text on the white I think will be too illegible. Also, I have right justified the top half of the quote so there is a connecting central line between to two sections of text – I think this links them together better because it is all one quote just split in half.


I tried other things like having half the #yourbodyyourrules text in two colours and having some of it in italic, none of which seemed to be working.

Personally, I’m thinking the yellow text on the grey background strip looks the best. What do others think? Thanks, Helen.


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  1. Not the yellow type on white. I like bottom left for clarity. Not keen on ranged right text. Do remember that whatever it looks like on screen it won’t look like when printed. the yellow on the grey might flare.

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