Flyer – front, hopefully final version


Made a few tweaks to front of flyer following tutorial yesterday. Mainly slightly darker grey strip and checking all kerning, leading and alignments.¬† Tony,I tried bold text for the ‘Body Postivity Festival’ but it looked a bit too much, also, am using regular text on the posters, so that keeps it in line with the posters.

Am hoping to get these sent to print ASAP to take account of printing time required, so any final thoughts or amendments?

Thank you


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  1. Looks great and ready to go. As someone that doesn’t centre type my last comment would be whether Body Positive Festival should range left off the baseline of Your Rules. If it doesn’t look good then this is good to go. If you tweet your flyers and posters I’d definitely retweet. Think WD+RU, Graphics UK Women and Women of Graphic Design would like to see these..

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