S & TC – doors – final?


I have updated all spreads with blocks of small text at 9pt. A couple of image amendments. Kerning checked & amended. Hoping to get this sent to print tomorrow (Monday) if all looking OK.  Here are all the spreads:

newspaper-doors-final-1 newspaper-doors-final-12 newspaper-doors-final-13 newspaper-doors-final-14 newspaper-doors-final-15 newspaper-doors-final-16 newspaper-doors-final-17 newspaper-doors-final-18 newspaper-doors-final-19 newspaper-doors-final-110 newspaper-doors-final-111 newspaper-doors-final-112newspaper-doors-final-113


  1. Looking good. Not sure if it has gone to print. Not sure if you need the the italics on the back cover, maybe roman/upright is ok. If gone – still looks pretty good.

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