Colour storyboard last review

Hello, this is the final version of my storyboard. Does it work? I made some changes on the type and I hope it looks better now. Thank you    

Colour storyboard

This is my revised Colour Storyboard. I changed the weight of the text and the size of the title hoping that it looks better. Is the background too dark? I intentionally chose a dark grey so that he colours are more prominent. Does the poster work overall?

Information design

Hello, I modified my poster according to some of the suggestions I received last Friday. I moved the type from the center of the circle and adopted an asymmetric layout but I am not sure it works. Any thoughts?


PgCertDVC alumna Kymberly shares her working process and inspiration derived from listening to Yo-yo Ma

Question about visual grammar assignment

If we are creating a book, do we have to have page numbers? I’m struggling to get them in a consistent position where they do not interfere with any of the content, so I’m thinking of doing away with them all together. Thoughts?