The dean would like to encourage you to turn up to this.


Just come across these people Systems. They’re so feakin’ hot they’re cool. They’ve got a couple of DVC alumni on board (Susanna Fopolli and Lizzie Toole)

SOL poster

Hi guys. here’s my selected school of life poster. the first composition I could stay with, although it does seem I’ve seen it before…. I prefer the black background but at the same time feel the white can be a good option if I add more black through shapes? Not sure about keeping the hours… Continue reading SOL poster

revised aphorism

Hello everyone, Here there are some aphorism I revised. I am not which of the WORST works better. Maybe the second with the O almost creating an echo? Suggestions are welcome! Regarding the WORK aphorism I was thinking to emboss the words ‘hours’ outlined.


Hello everyone, these are my attempts for the CYNICS. What do you think?

School of Life

I change the font and now I am using only Helvetica. As for the small type I decided to go for a regular rather than a bold weight. I also increased the leading from 18 to 20 pt. Do you think is it enough?

The School of Life

Hi there are my attempts on the School of Life poster. My idea is to organize ‘The School of Life’ in order to align the letters e,c,o and e. I hope it is clear in the image of the poster. In the solutions 2 and 3 I tried to integrate more the text with the… Continue reading The School of Life