Projects updates

Hi everyone, I have been developing my projects and these are some outcomes. Let me know what you think. This is the first proposal, to see more you can visit my blog

Sketchbooks question

Is there a guideline of how many sketchbooks we need to produce? I’m a bit confused. Does there need to be a logical progression in the sketchbooks in line with the workshops we complete, or is it OK for the different themes to be mixed, so for example, doing some work following on from typographic… Continue reading Sketchbooks question

Barbara Kruger’s exhibition is now on at Skarstedt…

Barbara Kruger’s exhibition is now on at Skarstedt gallery and it’s about how her b&w photos and provocative messages work together in a cultural environment. I thought it would be interesting to check for our quote’s exercise. I will pop by next week, if anyone would like to come just give me a shout.

Typographic Walk

So I did my typographic walk yesterday.  You could say that I took A LOT of photos!  I haven’t had time to go through and comment on them yet, so for my first post, I have just put them all in a gallery here: A few of those I particularly like:  

Stupid Fonts!

Saw this today and thought it was quite amusing!