visual grammar

Following the feedback on Friday, I have made some amendments to my book.  Change of typeface (to Futura condensed), setting all text to same column widths, added a description at the front of the book to explain the idea (not sure if this is needed or not), added in another colour (yellow) to reduce the… Continue reading visual grammar

visual grammar – some amendments

Have changed all the text to left-aligned and changed the colour of the into pages for ‘line’ ‘circle’ and ‘square’ to cyan with white text.  Now am wondering if there is too many different blues, maybe I should make all the images more cyan? lines-circles-squares-6-v2

Visual grammar

I’ve made some amendments to my visual grammar book (about abstraction/reality), putting in an intermediate image (halftone pattern plus the abstract drawing over the image) so the full image is only revealed on turning over the page. Also, making all images blue, so they are never completely an image of reality. I have included a… Continue reading Visual grammar

Circles, Lines, Squares

I had a look into doing the abstract running race idea, but it really wasn’t working for me.  I’m looking now at creating abstract drawings of lines, circles and squares from images I’ve taken of architecture, building or sculptures (a couple of initial tests I’ve added below).  I then thought about showing the drawings to… Continue reading Circles, Lines, Squares